Airport Parking

Parking Force(UK) is the service provider/operator at Heathrow Airport providing Meet and Greet service and Park and Ride service.

We are operating for Police awarded PARK MARK Approved car park located within 3 miles approx. from Heathrow terminal 2 and 3 and  3.5 miles from Heathrow terminal 4 and 5.

All staff are insured to drive our customers vehicles.

We do have company car with large print of PARKING FORCE printed all over it and do not use customers cars for personal use.


Car Parking Procedures

What to do on arrival

Please call (07507592555) our team of chauffeurs when you are 30 minutes away from your booked time from the airport and your chauffeur will then be dispatched to meet you at your departure terminal. Please wait by your car at the terminal and the driver will approach you.

It is important to let us know if you are running late or early so that we can ensure that we’re there to meet you.

*By rescheduling the time, there might be nominal waiting time but we will try our best to meet on rescheduled time.

It is mandatory to give priority call to operation team to avoid delays in drop off and collecting the car

Meeting Points:

Terminal 1 -
Closed - under construction

Terminal 2 -

(Sat Nav Postcode: (TW6 1EW) Once you exit the long tunnel follow the signs for terminal 2 and keep on the right lane. Then follow the signs for terminal 2 passenger pick up(short stay car park) and once entered the short stay car, keep left and drive to the barrier. Take the ticket and follow the signs for Level 4 and you will see the sign for off airport parking. Then go to row A/B where you will be met by our staff.

Terminal 3 -

(Sat Nav Postcode: TW6 1QG) Once you exit the long tunnel follow signs for terminal 3 passenger pick up(short stay car park) then drive to the entry barrier, take a ticket and proceed to Row -A at level 4 where you will be met by our staff.

Terminal 4 -

(Sat Nav Postcode: TW6 3XA) Follow signs for terminal 4 departures, drive up the ramp staying in the left-lane and park your vehicle in lane –A where you will be met by our staff.

Terminal 5 -

(Sat Nav Postcode: TW6 2GA) Drive towards the passenger pickup and departure point, as you go up the ramp keep right and follow the sign for Passenger Pick up Short stay Car Park then follow the sign Level 4. Drive to the Barrier, take a ticket and then proceed to Row -S, where you will be met by our staff.


What to do on return

We will give you the return directions on your arrivals in printed copy along with your return details.

Give call to operation team on 07507592555 once you have collected the luggage. If you have only hand luggage, please call as soon as you land. After the call, your car will be returned within 25 – 30 minutes.

Terminal 1 - Terminal Closed

Terminal 2 -From arrivals turn left and exit the terminal opposite Travelex/m&s food. Walk across the pedestrian bridge and set of lifts on the left to level 4. Your car would be delivered to you in row A/B

Terminal 3 -From arrivals follow  the sign for Short stay Car Park 3, Take the lift to level 1 turn left and walk across the bridge, take the lift to level 4 and your car will be delivered to you in row A/B.

Terminal 4 -Short stay car park Level 2, Off airport meet and greet parking bays.

Terminal 5 - When outside the building take the lift to level 4 'Short Stay Car Park' Your car will be delivered to you near row S.

Please note that we will pay for the 15 minutes car park tickets each if the booking is including airport levy charges. So please check the booking confirmation for any such details.

General Notes:

 It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to ensure that the vehicle is roadworthy, holds a valid MOT certificate and a valid road tax licence.

Service provider will pay the entry and exit fee of the Short Stay Car Park up to 15 minutes.

If you stay for more days than you booked, you will be charged for the extra days at the car park's standard daily rate. If you stay for fewer days than you booked, you will not be given a refund.

We request the customers to remove all valuable from the car .Contents of vehicles are left at owner’s risk.

These locations may be subject to change and our Operation Manager will advise of any changes. We work closely with BAA (HAL) and abide by all their Rules and Bylaws, so please understand that any changes made would be the enforcement of BAA (HAL) of which we have to comply with.

We not excepting trailers, caravans and motor homes in the car park.

Car park is open or working hours (pre booked parking only) are from 05:00am to 23:00pm(terminal 4 and 5) and 04:30am to 23:00pm(terminal 2 and 3). After these hours, car should be picked up on next day with pre agreed new time. Car park opens on the basis of pre booked parkings only.

Car Park and Office is closed on Christmas day, Boxing day , New Years Eve and New Years Day.

We do reserve the right to refuse to pick car if the customer is misbehaving and abusive to our staff and would be not be eligible for refund.

Please refer terms and conditions for additional charges.